Our Twin Grill Cinders Slimfold Commercial Barbeque is a market leader and easy to set up and use.  Comes with propane gas cylinder 19kg (12 hours cooking time).

Length : 1700mm / Heigh 790mm /  Depth 660mm / Weight 44.5kg

The BBQ measure 7ft x 1.5ft when the legs are folded.


Replacement cost : £1000



1.7m Slimfold BBQ

1 Bottle Propane gas (lasts at least 9 hours)


Hold the unit on its side edge and swing legs fully away from you.  The Inner leg struts can then be unfolded and clipped into position.  Connect hose to gas bottle.


The lighting holes are brass components located centrally under each firebox.  There are two fireboxes and each must be turned on (via the dials on either end of the bbq) and a match applied to the lighting hole.

The control knobs either side can regulate the heat of the grill and the viewing holes in the side of the fireboxes are provided to check the flames.

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